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    Regarding the 'profile comment' comment... [Cam'ron]Yeah, I think that's what it is[/Cam'ron]. So you be on some... selling your stories to the tabloids pro bono and shit huh? I think alot of females these days are accepting and open to nudity and expressing themselves sexually. I suppose it's almost liberating. Unfortunately, ugly broads also feel this way. Enhh you can't always win, though. I'm pretty sure it's sistren. Bretheren has masculine undertones/connotations. Sisterhood almost sounds senile. My father is white and my mother is mostly Panamanian of Dominican descent. Good looking out, though, Chandelier.
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    Pro-bono? You're tripping my dear. I'm investin'… I see quite a bit of potential for liberation. lol. I got what like 3-4 pet names with you already. I'm live. lol. It's very unfortunate about the ugly women, I get emailed model portfolios and wow, lots hope and dreams out there that should be crushed. lol. I looked it up apparently it is Sistren, I'm a photographer what do I know about words like sistren. It's OD useless. But I too am hispanic although from the homeland, Spain.